A highly eclectic and talented guitarist and composer, Francesco Bruno has released ten solo albums : ‘INTERFACE’, ‘1989 TIME SHARING’,  ‘EL LUGAR’, where Ritchie Havens appears as co-author and interpreter, ‘QUARZAZATE’, ‘MATARIEH’ in 1999, “JAMILA “ HUACAPU’  “LE PAROLE ALTRE. IL LUNGO VIAGGIO DI TIZIANO TERZANI " , “WITAM” and the latest "BLUE SKY ABOVE THE DREAMERS"


From the 70ties up until today Francesco Bruno walks  through a long musical path that started in 1974 with a collaboration in the electric jazz band “Kaleidon” and later on continued with the ensemble of the percussionist Tony Esposito. Together they played at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in 1976 where  he also  performed  with  American  trumpet  player Don Cherry.


During the 80’s Francesco commences a long lasting and lucky partnership with singer Teresa De Sio.

With Teresa he composes very successful tracks that would soon become “ever green” hits. In 1987 he  gives birth to an individual artistic project founding his own group and releasing his first album “Interface”.  In this context Francesco participates with his band in the Alan Holdsworth and Stanley Clarke Tour. In the same year he performs the opening act of the Sting and Gil Evans Orchestra concert featured at the over-crowded Umbria Jazz festival.


1987 was also the year of Francesco’s performance as Italian representative at the XI Ballantine Jazz Festival in Rome, alongside Paco De Lucia and John Mc Laughlin.


1995 is the year of the collaboration with  true legend, vocalist and composer Richie Haven.

This partnership generates the album “El Lugar” released abroad by the English label Prestige.

In 1996 Francesco joins as guest star in the Richie Haven tour around France.

From there on, some of the best Italian jazz musicians such as: Roberto Gatto, Pino Iodice, Javier Girotto, Danilo Rea, Enzo Pietropaoli, Joseph Lepore, Luca Bulgarelli, play in Francesco Bruno’s ensemble.

In the wake of the many successful concerts in Italy and abroad and several performances in national TV shows, Francesco Bruno receives valuable recognition of  both public and critics.



Francesco Bruno performs in several International festivals such as: "Open Europe Festival" in Berlin, “Wolfsburg Jazz” in Germany,“ Medina Festival " in Tunisi“, "Fiesta Festival" in Rome Italy featured as special guest on stage with the living legend singer Migdalia Echevarria.


Starting from 2005 Francesco  performs the multimedial project Huacapù in many Jazz Festivals: “Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival”, “Jazz & Wine of Montalcino”, “Ventotene Jazz Event”, “Ai confini del Sud Event”, “Bourges Festival”.


2007 is the start of a brand new multimedia project “The long journey of Tiziano Terzani. The words other”,  inspired by the life and thoughts of the Florentine writer and journalist. The multimedia opera consisting of a CD and DVD of the show and a memory photo book has  been published in February 2010 by the  Espresso Group – La Repubblica and sold over 30.000 copies in Italy. The work is now touring in the most famous Italian theatres.


Starting from 2012, Francesco performs with his new jazz quartet in Italy and abroad, playing his new album “Witam” and also as special guest with the Sylwester Ostrowski ensemble, alongside trumpet player Piotr Vojtasik, piano player Reggie Moore, drummer Newman Taylor Baker and double bass player Essiet Okon Essiet.During the last few years Francesco Bruno has been playing quite a lot in Poland with various formations achieving a great success. To be remembered are the ones at the Katowice Jazz Festival and the Polish Radio Witold Lutosławski Concert Hall in Warsaw in the setting of the Singer Jazz festival in 2016 and a recent participation in the project “Remember” at the Szczecin Jazz Festival in March 2018.