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Guitarist and composer, he has been active on the Italian music scene since the early 70s, being part of groups from the Roman and Neapolitan jazz scene and also performing alongside jazz legends such as the trumpet player Don Cherry. In the 1980s he has been the author of songs that have become evergreen for the singer Teresa De Sio.


In 1987 he makes his debut as a soloist at Umbria Jazz, presenting the album "Interface", opening with his line-up the historic concert of the Gil Evans orchestra with Sting. Many other record productions follow after “Interface”, among which “El Lugar”, which features Richie Havens as guest star. In the various formations of the ensemble, some of the best musicians of the Italian jazz scene have alternated in the studio and live over the years. Many participations at international festivals including: the Ballantine Jazz festival, the "Open Europe Festival" in Berlin,the "Wolfsburg Jazz festival" , "Festival della Medina", Villa Celimontana Jazz, Jazz & Wine Montalcino, Ventotene Jazz, At the borders of the South, International Literature Festival,and the Bourges Jazz Festival.


In March 2010 the Espresso - la Repubblica group publishes the multimedia project by Francesco Bruno and Angela Terzani Staude “Le Parole Altre. The long journey of Tiziano Terzani ”, dedicated to the great Florentine writer. The show is presented in many theaters, such as La Pergola in Florence, Casa del jazz festival in Rome. Auditorium Candiani, Sala del Carmine in Orvieto etc.

From 2010 up till now, Francesco Bruno has performed with his own quartet, and also with the multimedia project "Remember", dedicated to the figure of Primo Levi in jazz festivals in northern Europe, such as the "Singer Jazz Festival", Szczecin Jazz, and Katowice Sylesian Jazz.


In 2021 he participated in Jazz festivals such as: Jazz & Image facing Colosseum, Jazz per l'Aquila, Paestum in Jazz, Orbetello Jazz, Nettuno Jazz. In the same year he represented Italy in the international show "A Night In Anzio" broadcast by the US platform Jazz Corner, performing alongside international Jazz stars.

In 2022 he created the "ONIROTREE" project by collaborating with the actress and singer Silvia Lorenzo. A work that, starting from the rediscovery of ancient traditional songs, approaches the language of jazz trough an original stylistic crossover. The album has been released in June 2022 by the ALFAMUSIC label and presented at major European jazz festivals.



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